Kate was hosting a party in an after-hours in New York when, inspired by all the soulful house music that surrounded her, she started writing and singing her own house lyrics.


This was all before beginning her career in Ireland on the stage – however not as a singer, but as an actress. She has had a successful career since – both on stage and screen, and now Kate has blended the two worlds in her self penned and performed show WALK FOR ME which opened in the Project Arts Centre on 17th Jan. DJ Handsome Paddy is on stage throughout playing original tracks from MathMan and and BOBOfunk. She is also releasing and EP of the Soundtrack to the show produced MathMan on the 17th Jan available on all online stores.

Kate style has developed to a mix of hiphop house and triphop and her current act is designed for big rooms and festivals- watch this space for upcoming events including BlockParty for Dublin PRIDE , BeatYard and her single launch of JUST BE in the Bernard Shaw in May.

She has been writing songs since early 2000’s when she started in NY, but because her career had taken her in a different direction, she never produced anything in the following years. Her style has moved from house lyrics, which were upbeat and dance oriented, to a more soulful bluesy style with a deeper and darker lyrical content. Kate’s music is largely influenced by Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop… and of course House lingers there somewhere. Inspirations of hers range from Muddy Waters, Leadbelly and Jimi Hendrix to Aretha Franklin,

Chaka Khan and Erykah Badu to name a few. She likes to juxtapose darker lyrics with an upbeat melody or instrumental. A lot of her lyrics have humour in them though and are to be taken with 'tongue firmly in cheek'. Kate has started to collaborate with band “The Higher State” in 2014 and released an EP “MissKate and the Higher State” The band are an eclectic mix of musicians from different European countries. They had been working together on various different projects in Dublin for years and brought a unique mix of soul and funk to the table.